Lead Detectives

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THE LEAD Detectives


Detective 1Maria is three years old and has just had a lead test. She was scared of it at first, but it didn’t hurt at all! The best part of it was that she was lead-free! Her favorite things are her big brother Carlos and her pink bunny, Floyd.


Detective 2Since Tevin is outside all the time practicing soccer, he now washes his hands and toys after playing with them. He also has a Secret Lead Detective Skill: (We can’t tell you, but it has something to do with leaving his shoes at the door).


Detective 3Sabina has a little brother named Sam. Sabina kept him safe from lead by having her parents move his crib, wash his pacifier when it fell on the floor, and working lead-safe when they painted the windowsills. When Sabina was asked what else she does to keep herself lead-free she said, “It’s important to eat food with calcium and iron in it! I’ll eat anything, but I absolutely can’t stand the taste or smell of bananas. They make me ill. I’m not a picky eater…cheese, spinach, beans, frog legs, insects, whatever, I’ll eat it. As long as there’s no banana involved.”


Detective 4Diondra lives with her grandmother and has old lead pipes. She now lets the water run for 60 seconds before getting a drink of water. Diondra loves to dress up but never has matching socks on – never!

Carlos - The Lead Detective

Lead DetectiveCarlos is Maria’s big brother, and the leader of the Lead Detectives. He went to his friends’ houses and told them about lead. Then they looked around each of their homes for lead hazards, and told their parents what they found. Carlos loves to sing along to his favorite band, The Grateful Lead Heads.


Paint Chip

Paint Chip Usual Hangouts - WATCH OUT!

  • BUILDINGS built before 1978

He likes to hang out in buildings built before 1978, especially in old windows, doors, stairs, railings, and porches. He can be defeated by your parents when they suck up the paint chips with a HEPA vacuum and then with new paint!

Lead Dust

Lead Dust Usual Hangouts - WATCH OUT!

  • BUILDINGS built before 1978
  • Where adults are FIXING old buildings

He can be invisible, but take our word for it, he gets around. He likes to chill out in the old windows and floors. Your parents can lay this bad dude to rest by using lead-safe cleaning and work practices.

Lead Dirt

Lead Dirt Usual Hangouts - WATCH OUT!

  • Bare soil around houses and buildings built before 1978
  • Bare soil around homes near factories

She may be lurking in the bare patches in the yard and around the house. Make sure that your parents cover up these areas with grass or flowers. You can do your part by staying away from these areas and washing your hands and toys when you come in from playing outside.

Lead paint (L.P.) “The Boss”

Lead PaintLead paint is the toughest of the tough. Even though he was booted out of the U.S. in 1978, he is still around hiding in old paint chips, dust, soil, and in old pipes. On the world’s most wanted list for years, other countries even banned him as early as the 1900s. But you can conquer him by going around your house with your parents and doing the Super-Secret Detective Assignment.


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