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Tell us your story and you could be
the Lead Detective’s next case to solve…

Use some of the questions from the checklist to tell us your family’s story. Let us know about your home, and whether or not you think that you may have lead-based paint or any lead hazards. When you submit your story, the Lead Detective Academy will review your case. The best part of telling us your story is that you and your home may be the Lead Detective’s next case and we’ll put it on our website for other students to solve! Remember – be creative!!!

You can also receive one of our new Lead Detective t-shirts by bringing in your completed checklist to our office at 5006 Underwood Avenue in Omaha. This would be a great time for Mom or Dad to talk to one of our Healthy Home Specialists if they have any questions about our programs.

Thank you for participating in our Lead Detective Academy!

Email your story to us! (leaddetective@omahahealthykids.org)

5006 Underwood Avenue
Omaha, Ne 68132

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